Gehan Kamachi launchs a quantitative and qualitative study in Second Life

Gehan Kamachi (aka Lucas Jean-François) launchs a scientific study on behaviours of avatars in Second Life. He wants to analyze trajectories of avatars to highlight differents styles of spatial experiences. This survey is purely scientific and has no direct commercial purpose.

Participation at this analysis is voluntary and unpaid. To participate, you have to click on a distributor, accept and wear the tracker. An information sheet is also distributed (with Instructions & Privacy Policy).

1 :  Click on the distributor and accept the two objects (an information sheet + a tracker)

SLURL of this distributor :

2 :  In your inventory, double click on the objet "Tracker (wear me)", or right-click on it and click on "wear". The tracker is like a ring.

For more details about this project, click here :